Our Consulting Process

Any specific organizational and human resources consulting project will in some way be unique. This is because organizations and individuals within them are unique. Therefore, we may be helping solve different problems, developing different capabilities, and using different tools and processes in the course of our engagement.

Despite the apparent differences, there is an overall process that underlies all of our organizational and human resources consulting work, whether that work is an individual coaching engagement an organizational design project, or team development assignment. This process includes the following steps:

Our consulting process
  • Problem / Success Definition - Before we begin any work, we understand problem the client wants to solve and clearly articulate what success looks like for the client.
  • Current State Assessment- Depending on the issue involve4 the step of assessing the current state can be an-depth process or a simple one. The key in this step is understanding the root cause of the issue to be resolved.
  • Detailed plan of action - We outline a detailed plan that includes action steps, timeline, milestone points, communication strategies, and resources required
  • Execution of the work- On time. Highest quality.
  • Evaluation - Mutually evaluate with our client focusing on observable evidence of whether or not we achieved our definition of success.
  • Course correct (as necessary) - In complicated organization-wide projects, course corrections may be necessary.
  • Imbed the process - Ensure that client has capability to continue to meet definition of success post-FPMS.