Individual & Team Performance

Individual & team Performance
Manager onboarding:

Getting new leaders off to a good start once in their new role, whether the new leader is from within or outside the company, is a critical step for both the leader, the people they lead, and key stakeholders and customers. FPMS works with clients to help ensure their leaders are able to get off to quick and sustainable start.

Management coaching:

Our experience is that coaching is most effective when individuals are in some type of transition where new skills or combinations of skills must be used to be successful. Examples might include a manager promoted to a new level of responsibility (e.g. leading a group of managers as opposed to a group of individual contributors), leading a team that is more global in scope, leading a new team as a result of a merger or acquisition, or managing a new function. Our coaching practice is geared to helping mangers by successfully managing these transitions.

Team development:

FPMS has extensive experience in working with teams, including global and virtual teams, to improve their performance. Our work with teams can include helping a high performing team get to the next level, helping a new team or new team leader get ramped up quickly, and helping struggling teams get on track.