Organization Management

We can bring our experience and training to bear on helping your organization navigate and plan significant organization change such as change that might occur with mergers and acquisitions, global growth, changes in product offerings and work processes, and changes in leadership.

Organization Management
Human Resources Process Improvement:

FPMS can work with you to improve processes related to people management. For these types of assignments, we have worked on a project basis. Typical assignments include: Developing and implementing internal talent management & succession planning processes, developing and implementing compensation and incentive plans, implementing and managing change related to technology changes, and developing and implementing workplace policies and procedures.

Organization Design and Change:

We offer services that help you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the structure and design of your organization. Typical projects include work related to organization assessment, cultural diagnosis, clarifying go-forward organization strategy, benchmarking, span of control assessment, redesign work, integration of functions, post-merger management, managing change processes in implementation.

Employee Relations / Legal Investigations:

Occasionally, organizations face serious organizational issues where competent and sensitive external fact-finding is important to managing legal risk and making the right decision for the organization and individuals involved. FPMS has experience and training in investigating and helping organizations resolve these issues through thorough, fact-based investigations.