Assessment & Selection

The most important decision a leader makes are related to the selection of people. FPMS can help your organization these decisions right either through in-depth executive assessment or through design of an overall hiring process.

Assessment & Section
Executive Assessment:

We can conduct thorough individual assessments of key internal or external candidates and talent. We use a selection of validated tools to assess the talent potential, thinking and personality styles of external and internal talent relative to the specific demands of the position, team and organization. We combine our assessments with in-depth interviews by a trained industrial-organizational psychologist to evaluate talent potential across critical competencies. We can also help you calibrate talent relative to potential candidates in the market. Our individual assessments will not only help you make better hiring decisions, but also provide you with information that will help ensure that the candidate is successful once in the role.

Hiring Process Optimization

We can help you design internal hiring processes that will significantly increase the effectiveness of hiring decisions that lead to better business results. This process includes working with you to define key position competencies, implementing appropriate assessment tools for a given class of positions, and implementing a structured, validated interview process.

Hiring Process Optimization can be particularly valuable to an organization that does a relatively high volume of hiring for a specific position (e.g. call center representative, bank teller, sales associate, etc.), and we will guarantee measurable results.